Dealership vs Direct Sale Cars in New Jersey

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Chris Christie shoots himself again. By blocking Tesla, Mr. Christie and various other GOP leaders are now bigger “socialists” than Obama, and are “interfering with free markets,” and having governments “pick winners” and “redistribute wealth” by engaging in “class warfare.” How? Well – it’s actually clear and simple are. Christie and other red state governors and legislatures are now trying to block Tesla from selling cars directly to consumers.

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Specifically, Mr. Christie and legislators want to force Tesla to sell cars through local dealers so the dealers can make a profit off of each car. Thus, we see a GOP “leader” interfering in the free marketplace. And, the same facts mean that under the GOP “logic” that’s usually hurled at Obama, Mr. Christie is now a socialist Redistributing wealth between different groups. In addition, Mr. Christie also is doing that awful thing of having “government” engage in “picking winners” and at the same time, he’s engaging in “class warfare” by supporting car dealers over Tesla’s shareholders.

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The same is true for the various red state governors and legislators who are trying to do the same thing to Tesla in their states. It’s just so darned fun to see the GOP open up its “big tent” for car dealers and embrace socialism, by disrupting free markets, and picking winners, redistributing wealth and engaging in class warfare.

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Not just New Jersey, but sounds like the Tea-baggers governments of Arizona and Texas are engaging in these socialist activities too.

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Tesla makes a great safe car. Not using gas. So right in so many ways. Now the auto dealers are pissed because they can see the writing on the wall. They are going to contribute to the defeat the GOP in future elections because people, like myself, want a safe fuel efficient car and Tesla is that. Because they don’t like the dealership model where the auto dealers can fleece more money out of consumer pocket, they are up in arms.

tesla vs christie

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

NJ Governor Chris Christie


Tesla’s Owner Elon Musk

elon musk


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